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Making coconut color water from coconut cream-Reaching for the creative dishes

In Vietnam cuisine, the dishes of meat, fish ... commonly across the three regions, often are used in the meal. Referring to the South of the repository item can not mention to coconut water color ​​from coconut cream.

Coconut Water color is a special preparation, is made ​​from coconut cream. As for spicy food storage, just add ¼ teaspoon of coconut water color for 1 kg meat or fish is enough. Thank to coconut water color, food warehouses would be very nice brown cockroach wings and unforgettable flavor. Some people have used caramel (burnt sugar black) to chilled food warehouse, but the results can not be compared to water from the coconut flavor color to color. However, to get the coconut water color right "quality" is both a feat of coconut rural women.

Coconut Water color is derived from Ben Tre,  where the vast coconut plantations. Previously, when to harvest - usually every month or month and a half - the coconut fruit is picked piled on yard and garden owners are consumed mainly coconut meat section. To obtain copra, one must break a coconut, coconut water go away. The coconut water would be saved to use then.

Processing coconut  color water is complex. To make coconut color water with coconut cream diluted into a product with an adhesive, viscous continuous 24 hours to cook, keep the fire burning all the coconut milk and soup in shallow pan to pan back lit (pour) more to. Often the color of coconut water wins by cast iron pan.
At first, mix coconut milk coconut water filled pan, heat to boiling, when the water in the pan gone down the coconut adding new coconut water until the water more viscous, then having to fire small, watch for water color "to" (with the glue, match) is reached.

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