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Fresh Coconut Water - Miracle drink for pregnants

Benefits of Coconut for pregnants

Nước dừa có lợi cho bà bầu

- Coconut can maintain the pH of the digestive system. Thereby, it help balance the acidity and "cooling" the digestive system. Moreover, it solves the problems such as excessive or acid reflux during the pregnancy.
- Coconut water is considered drinks to reduce stress - common problems during pregnancy.
- Helping strengthen the immune system by a lot of lauric acid in coconut water. It is effective against bacteria, viruses, help protect both mother and fetus. This is extremely important because the body which elected her sensitive and very weak immune system.
- Infection Details Nirvana - one of the biggest problems of pregnant women can be prevented by drinking coconut water, coconut milk is reasonable for such as natural diuretics.
- Coconut water also works to help prevent dehydration and salt loss in pregnant women. It also helps relieve constipation - one of the major complications of pregnancy. Other issues such as slow digestion, heartburn can be remedied by drinking coconut water.
- Axi lauric content of coconut water as a factor activity against bacteria and viruses. Therefore pregnants would avoid drinking coconut water contamination and increase metabolism.
- Coconut water is also shown to be effective in reducing nausea, decreased morning.
- Coconut oil (coconut oil) can balance blood sugar levels, help prevent gestational diabetes.
- Coconut or coconut water contains high amount of magnesium, potassium, and other minerals for good health of both mothers and babies.


- Coconut oil also solves  with skin problems during the pregnancy and after the birth. Coconut oil can be applied to the skin to remove the stretch marks.
Note to drink coconut water
During the first 3 months of the pregnancy, pregnants should not drink coconut water because although it has sơme benefits, but coconut water cause abdominal cold, adverse effects on the fetus. When stepping through 4th month, pregnants may start drinking coconut water daily, could replace drinking water and to maintain enough water during the day.
Coconut water and more-water-fruit (watermelon ...) have cooling properties (humidity, low). So, if it's sunny, should not drink without harmful effects.
Avoid drinking coconut water drinks in the evening with ice. These three negative factors (coconut water, coconut milk, ice, night) are more susceptible to disease.


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