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Where does virgin coconut oil buy?

"Where does virgin coconut oil buy in Hanoi?" is the question that the women use when reading the infomation coconut oil.

Experience of buying virgin and pure coconut oil 
To buy pure coconut oil, the women should note the following issues on the market because there are many types and prices of coconut oil such as: ordinary price :110.000-120.000vnd one liter,  the price of the restaurant: 80.000-120.000vnd per 100 ml of coconut oil.
dầu dừa
According to the standard, 100% pure coconut oil (organic) must be obtained directly from the old coconut fruit (it does not mean from dried coconut meat that people have for forgiving sun beams rain or mold when 3-4 months sun), without any chemical treatment. It was 2-3 ones for 1kg old copra, 1 kg rice coconut for about 100-150 ml coconut oil.1 liter of coconut oil from the genuine need 13-15 fresh old coconut.
Where is the origin coconut oil we offer to you from?
Our coconut oil is made from the Xiem-Ben Tre coconut . To get the coconut oil and many aromatic quality, we must select delicious, dry and black shell  coconuts ... then shell, grate coconut and extract the juice.
Ben Tre coconut
When coconut oil wins, the most important issue is to just reach the cool fire of coconut oil, using chopsticks or regular shovel to stir the coconut avoid burnt black on the bottom. Oil extends winning time until cool water will dry up, water down at the bottom of a thick layer of piglets called class folk that carried you.
Chipping the original ivory color, then switching to gold. Now the water has evaporated. When the layer of oil floating on the top layer also carried you (turned yellow) deposited at the bottom of cool.

dầu dừa

The last step is  filting oil several times until no residue, and it looked beautiful oil.
Our coconut oil is 100% pure cooking. We do not use mixture or raw material or anything else so the user can self-preservation in 6 months with normal temperature (stored in the refrigerator can last up to 1 year or 2 years out still usable).
Please call 0912 794 778 to buy bottles of pure coconut oil
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Factory: 19 My Duc - My Thanh - Chau Thanh - Ben Tre
Phone: +84 0466 524 778 - Fax: +84 0437 678 632
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