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The special use of coconut milk

Coconut milk is grated from  coconut meat wasgrind small. Coconut milk are widely used in food in many countries around the world, especially in countries where tropical monsoonplanting more coconut as VietnamIndonesiaMalaysia etc. In recent yearscoconut milk is used more and more, and many manufacturers have sought to use its precious natureAlthough coconut milk contains more fat and calories than the supply of fresh milk, but it also contains many other nutrientsIn the trend of replacing products made from animal to vegetable productscoconut milk's role becomes more important.

1Using alternative to cow's milk daily

Many people can not tolerate lactose (milk sugarand can not be used for milk and milk productsIn this situationcoconut milk is an important alternative to cow's milk and is slowly gaining popularityCoconut milk contains completely natural and you can use the coffee maker or as a cake or other pastriesMany countries have used cream of coconut milk instead of cow's milkYou can also use the breakfast cereal familiar with.

Water greasy coconut milkis a major component of many cuisines of Southeast Asia and Vietnam as coconut candycoconut creamcoconut jelly ....


Nước cốt dừa béo ngậy, là thành phần chủ yếu của rất nhiều món ăn vùng Đông Nam Á và Việt Nam như kẹo dừa, kem dừa, rau câu trái dừa....
2Good for your health

Coconut milk contains anti-cancer and anti-virus usually causes this diseaseUsing coconut milk regularly will help you to increase resistanceIt also contains lauric acid which is found in breast milkBreast milk that promote healthgrowthbrain development and natural antibodies to the babyNumerous studies show that the other properties of the coconut milk virus will bring new achievements in the prevention and treatment of HIV.

3Skin and body

In skin care productsFresh milk has an important role like this, you can also visualize coconut milk worth that muchToday, coconut milk water has become a common ingredient in cleansers and lotionsSimilar products from cow's milkmilk products from coconut water helps smooth skingood moisturizerIt even has natural oil content than cow's milk, it is capable of holding moisture better for your skin and keep the moisture longerIn hair carethanks to oil and natural ingredientswater and coconut milk is used in the shampoo and conditioner.

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