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How to make delicious coconut jelly fruit cool summer lethargy

The hot summer's day is coming , the sisters refer to the article on how to make coconut jelly fresh fruit lim cool for your loved ones okay .

Delicious coconut fruit jelly

The main ingredients :

- 20g lotus seeds
- 30g brown sugar
- 2 tangerines
- 30g coconut jelly conatfood
- 30g pineapple

Along started to do it

Step 1 :

Soak lotus seeds

Skip heart lotus seeds , soaked in water for 1 night before . Cut pineapple into bite size cubes , tangerine peel into each zone .

Step 2 :

Steaming or cooking until cooked lotus seeds and example, let cool and pour into a bowl . Then add the chopped fruit and coconut jelly and blend well .

Step 3 :

Cook lotus seeds

Prepare a pot of boiling water and brown sugar at the ratio of 5:3 on , boil until the sugar dissolves , then leave to cool .

Step 4 :

Boil brown sugar

Pour drink into a bowl of fruit candy .

The sisters can replace fruits according to their preferences dentistry .

Pour water into a bowl

So we have a bowl of delicious fruit coconut jelly cool and limp .

coconut jelly fruit

I wish you success !

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