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The production process of activated carbon coconut

         Activated carbon coconut featuring extremely effective, it can filter water, filter yellow, color removal, toxic gas treatment, sewage treatment and other applications in many other fields .... So how to product coconut activated carbon that it has so many good features? Delta Vietnam would introduce the production process of activated carbon coconut in Vietnam Delta company .
To produce activated carbon coconut Delta Vietnam company we have made the process as follows :
Step 1 . Assemble a coconut shell :
Workers go purchase dried coconut shells from the base of Ben Tre coconut production , along with the amount of available coconut shell in coconut harvesting process for other products at companies such as coconut milk , coconut rice drying , coconut milk powder , coconut oil ...
  người nông dân đi thu gom gáo dừa
Step 2 . Coconut shell charcoal : For dried coconut shells collected in a dedicated tunnel kilns to turn coconut shells into coconut shell charcoal ( coconut shell charcoal normal )
Step 3 . Coal Grinding : After exiting the tunnel kiln , coconut shell charcoal shaped large pieces ( as pictured) . This dimension is called " natural " of coconut shell charcoal . Then , coconut shell charcoal is added to the mill to grind coal into the desired size . Often in Ben Tre coconut shell charcoal natural size will be crushed into smaller size about 3x6 or 4x8 and fairly uniform in size . After this process the product will have coconut shell charcoal size 6x12 , 8x20 and coconut shell charcoal powder form 
Step 4 : Activation of coconut shell charcoal normal .
Coconut shell charcoal after grinding 3x6 or 4x8 sizes will be loaded into the giant rotating furnace , oven temperature at 950 degrees C. In high temperature , carbon components in common coconut shell charcoal react with some other chemical in a rotary kiln and create a lot of steam voids inside the coconut shell charcoal , thereby forming products " activated carbon coconut " .
          Rotary kiln production of coconut activated carbon is the most expensive equipment in the process of making activated carbon and decide on the quality of coal . Coconut activated carbon with numerous voids inside is the secret of absorption and features great antiseptic .
          You feel free to contact us for products using coconut activated carbon quality and most affordable price . Best Regard!

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