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Conatfood coconut cream

Characteristic of conatfood coconut cream

Status: Liquid, comparable characteristics.
Colors: White milk.
Taste: Characteristics flavor, greasy, and odor.

Safe for health's customer!

1. Used of Conatfood coconut cream

Coconut milk is used as a raw material for a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory dishes. By sprinkled directly onto food or processed with other ingredients.
As important ingredients in the food industry. Used to produce ice cream, candy, chocolate, water products ... or substitute for other types of fat synthesis.
Coconut milk in functional medicine nourish brain cells, recovered memories of elderly dementia, weight loss, reduced risk of cancer. Increase resistance and enzymes beneficial to the body.
2. How to use it?


Keep it at room temperature, time of use: 24 months, should be used up within 03 days after opening.
Used directly in the daily dishes such as curry, sticky rice cooked tea, cakes, broth, increase the aromatic and fatty foods.

Especially in this cold winter, the curries are just changing the quiche for dinner while providing a full range of essential nutrients for your family. And the first curry that is indispensable coconut cream. Let's find out the coconut milk curries following:

- Curries:

- Frog Curry - nutional :

- Curried tofu for vegetarians:

Or fried chicken dish with coconut milk, coconut fried snails ne. What makes this dish aimed husband also delicious wine okay ^ ^

the little green bean with coconut milk, tapioca tea or yogurt and a few tablespoons of delicious jackfruit coconut scented fat:

The food was delicious with coconut milk are gathered here, the people and the only study with 1 can of coconut milk conatfood, be prepared dishes according to taste okay. Certainly everyone in the house will give you handy chisel or do that.

Used directly for the production of food for Coconut infinitely soluble in water , not fresh and completely natural extracts .
3 . Technical Standards coconut cream :
The fat content of 7 %, 12 %, 17 %, 22 %
PH : 6.5 to 6.9
Density : 1.080g/ml
. Packing coconut cream :
400ml cans .
Bags 400ml , 5 liter bag ; tui10 liters .
Can 4 liters , 17 liters can .
Usage time : 24 months from date of manufacture .
Position in the production date and expiry date : in the middle of the label or packaging of the product .
5 . Other products
The other high-end products bearing the company brand conatfood we offer to the consumer is : fresh coconut , coconut milk powder , dried coconut , coconut oil , coconut jelly , coconut candy , ... The above products are standards of food safety and quality by the strict standards of HACCP and HALAL .
6 . Distribution Company
Delta Vietnam proudly presents Coconut milk products brand Conatfood aiming to bring health to consumers . Please contact us and feel the difference of the product .
Commercial jointstock and production company Delta Việt Nam

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