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What you do not know from coconut

» Traditional Medicine, said the coconuts and copra sweet, normal, non-toxic, effective tonic, laxative, diuretic, to reduce thirst. Coconut shell bitter, warm, can stop a nosebleed, astringent, antiseptic, itch.
Some remedies or from coconut as follows:
- Dry mouth by hot, sunny winning, annoying thirst of fever or of pepper thirst (diabetes): coconut 1 result, drinking water, morning and evening use 1 results.
- Edema: coconut 1 result, drinking water, 3 times daily.
Bloody stools, vomiting, dehydration after diarrhea: 1 cup coconut milk, sugar 30 g, salt a little, then laced with coconut milk, 3 times a day, 3 days per 1 times.
- Constipation: Copra half to one fruit, one was eating out every morning PM 1 times.
- Lac, vitiligo, nervous dermatitis, ulcers: Fresh coconut rice 1 slice, rub rub the spot, several times a day.
- Cham, itching secret: coconut shell 1 fruit, finely crushed, cook condensed water use pattern in place, several times a day.
To cure hoarseness, you can get coconut water 1 cup, pennywort 8 g; pennywort crushed, squeezed coconut juice mixed with water to drink.
Warm sweet coconut water, non-toxic, enhances vitality, fresh profit beauty, the feeling of sunshine, water barrel, and earth blood, blood oranges.
Coconut is considered a fruit, "miracle", almost all the necessary nutrients for the body. Coconut protein includes the amino acid C of high quality, vitamin B and other vitamins. Coconut water is rich in minerals; similar potassium and magnesium content of the cells should be used for patients with diarrhea. The World Health Organization recommended for children diarrhea coconut water laced with salt.
Coconut water is beautiful skin, silky black hair. Coconut (soft agar) contain good enzymes for digestion, used to treat stomach ulcers, hepatitis, diabetes, dysentery, hemorrhoids, colitis.
Immature green coconut juice scientists called "mineral water plant" because it contains many trace minerals necessary for the body and the way in easily digestible form, vitamin C is enough for the first day, together with the B vitamins such as folic acid. Coconut water is used as the fluid in the war.
Coconut considered ivy dish of the Philippines. They called Nata beverage processing coconuts, including coconut milk, sugar, vinegar, and "water" (containing fermenting bacteria help). Former Philippine President Fidel Romos that, thanks to eat every day, he found his children at the age of 20. Coconut NATA became senior dessert in Japan and is considered to be effective in preventing cancer.
Note: Coconut water is removed from the fruit will lose air, so let raw fruits and drink. It is best to drink at the root as it is tight, avoid coconut drop to the ground.
Sunny go to, hungry tired to drink coconut water, especially people who are sick prone to side effects such as fever, chills ... Before sport, not to drink coconut water. Normally, every day just to drink a fruit. Drinking will cause bloating, especially when accompanied coconut rice, ice and drinks in the evening.
Some ways to use coconut water health
Acute dysentery: Centella asiatica 50 g, a fresh coconut juice. Pennywort washed, crushed, squeezed, mixed with coconut milk to drink. Every day a result.
Vomiting: 2 cups coconut milk, 1 cup wine, ginger juice 10 drops mixed drink.
Diuretic detoxification: coconut water with diuretics in heart disease, kidney.
Nephritis edema: Coconut water, water grass roots, grass roots clean. Each 30 g, mixed drinks.
Remove fluke: safety effects and more effective areca nuts. Do not bleach. Morning not eat take 1/2 the coconut, drinking water and food for copra. After 3 hours, the normal diet (liquid food).
Coconut soup detoxify alcohol, lubricating joints: People who regularly drink alcohol or feel pain in the joints, difficulty or operating activities, the joint cry. To cure, should drink coconut soup. Get a coconut cut across the upper lid: 20 g washed black beans in coconut and put a lid on it, put on one plate. Put coconut and drive into the pot, distillation in 4 hours. Then, for arbitrary salt to drinking coconut soup. Each month just drink 1-2 times, joint pain goes away, the joints will operate seamlessly back.
Coconut water treat cam (abdominal tube, ass atrophy, malnutrition in children): Coconut milk used to cook sticky rice, boiled chicken ... increases delicious and nutritious, suitable for thin and weak. Healthy morning drink 1 Siamese coconuts also very good.


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