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How to drink coconut water to help the white-pink skin for your baby

Thank to Ben Tre coconut water, my child has very white-pink and smooth skin. From the start of pregnant, I spent a lot of time researching and learning the experience to care for children in the best way. In addition to the secrets of diet, rest, choosing milk, feeding the baby, and then eat porridge ... the best method is drinking the coconut water everyday.

nước dừa

In a tradition that has lasted several community hereditary anyone reproduce recommend that pregnant women drink coconut water, especially water from green coconuts. Is it true that the idea that pregnant women who are industrious young coconut water, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy the amniotic fluid will be cleaner and babies who are born later will also look clean skin, bushy hair and also to clear his eyes. 
Listen to much experience for drinking coconut water during the pregnancy, the skin will be pale and smooth, so my husband found around to buy the fresh coconut water. Not only that , I continued to drink coconut water after the baby is 6 months old . To start, children become familiar with their coconut water daily just for drinking 2-3 teaspoons , a day after a single dose and then gradually increase both the number and density . I usually choose the young coconut , fresh , let me drink , drink before dinner meal about 1 hour and necessarily drink during the day . Not only that , her only child after drinking coconut water added, never to drink coconut water if he had more than 10 minutes outside . Everyone claims to be careful , but its a little hard to accept also, all for the health and future of children .
Coconut water has been praised very much for its multitude of health benefits. Adding this healthy drink to your pregnancy diet can be very beneficial. Coconut water contains potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, calcium, and Vitamin C among a few other helpful components.
Although coconut water is healthy when consumed in moderation, it is important to be aware of the possible risks. Since coconut water aids in the flow of urine, you may have to use the restroom more frequently while drinking coconut water. If you drink too much of it, you can actually end up making yourself dehydrated from visiting the bathroom too many times. Monitor your coconut water intake and make sure you are not getting too much.

Coconut water can also lead to weight gain if you drink it every day or drink too much of it. Try not to drink it every day; alternate coconut water with plain water. The sugar levels in coconut water, although fine in moderation, can lead to high blood sugar if consumed often in large quantities. Also, there is an old adage that consuming coconut water in the evenings or night can lead to a cold. Just to be safe, have it in the mornings. You will feel very refreshed!

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