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Unexpected beauty benefits of coconut water

» You should take advantage of living in a tropical country where you have the "privilege" to enjoy coconut water easily. Ranked second only to water, coconut water is "pure liquid" that you can drink.
The ancient instrument used to say coconut water additionally refreshments effects have beautiful skin and beautiful design effects.
You should take advantage of living in a tropical country where you have the "privilege" to enjoy coconut water easily. Ranked second only to water, coconut water is "pure liquid" that you can drink. Coconut water contains: protein 0.3%, fat 0.2%, sugar 4.7%, minerals: Ca, Na, K, P, Fe, vitamins C, PP ... the most delicious coconut water should be taken from unripe coconuts. When Coconut cooked in coconut milk will change to become copra. Also tastes sweet, cool; coconut water also has significant beauty benefits.
Moisturize your skin with coconut water
As you know, skin moisturizer is a "key" key to beauty. Dehydration, lack of water can lead to many diseases and other health disorders. However, many people do not know that dehydration can also cause skin problems that are not just dry skin. When the body is dehydrated, the kidneys and other systems have difficulty in the elimination of toxins and harmful substances out. Rather than from the body through urine, the toxic build up and "looking" out of the body through other agencies, including the skin. This is one explanation for the development of acne. If you are not drinking enough water daily or regularly work outdoors, drink coconut water to detoxify the body and mineral supplement promptly lost after physical activity. In addition, of domestic natural coconut oil works to smooth soft skin, shiny hair from the inside.
Helps lose weight
If you are trying to lose weight, coconut water is one of the best water you can drink. Instead of vitamins or high-calorie drinks, coconut water is the best choice if you want a country that is both natural and delicious, helps the body healthy and beautiful. Coconut water is rich in nutrients, can promote the metabolic process by providing more oxygen to the body. Active metabolic process appropriate good will regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, thus helping to control the urge to eat unnecessarily. When combined with coconut milk in the diet, you will find weight loss easier than ever before. Because of its ability to regulate blood sugar better, coconut water is also considered a good food for diabetics.
If you have blackheads or acne, you can use coconut water as a kind of mask. Coconut absorbent cotton and apply all over face, continuously for 30 minutes to dry, then rinse gently. To achieve maximum efficiency, you can combine with other ingredients such as coconut milk with pineapple juice for effective treatment of acne, soften, smooth, shiny skin.
Coconut water is not only deep cleaning effect but also prevent aging and skin whitening, gives you youthful, vibrant bright. They also obscure and completely remove acne scars. Coconut water benign and quite natural, therefore, to achieve effective beauty, you need to be patient. In particular, they have achieved the results you want, you will not spend a lot of effort to maintain long-term beauty


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