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The effects of activated carbon

        Currently, activated carbon is mainly used for water purification and disinfection of dissolved organic matter in water due to the high adsorption characteristics. Activated carbon is used in water treatment for the purposes
              + Removal of dirt: the dirt is calculated by gram or gram COD is retained in 1kg Activated Carbon.
              + Clean traces of heavy metals dissolved in water
              + Clean thoroughly dissolved organic matter, odor and taste, particularly industrial wastewater containing toxic organic molecules or molecules with high durability surface prevents the biological treatment process .
               + Water passing through activated carbon is the most soluble organic molecules are retained on the surface. Activated carbon filters contain and nourish the bacteria capable of decomposing organic matter to produce tack free surface, allowed to retain new organic molecules.
             Activated carbon can also be used to deodorize, remove toxins from the air pollution, anti-radiation, anti-bacterial, viral ... clean hospital environment, schools, offices, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, toilet ...
               Activated carbon is always covered by the electromagnetic field due to the extremely strong adsorption of its own production. Molecules, ions and electrons in the surrounding space (Due to the ionization process) with the activated carbon adsorption of arrests made for these components is thermal turbulence by block rushed into Coal active form lines to move by special free electrons - "Electrons can move from atom to atom, from one object to another and cause electrical phenomenon" 
3 - infrared radiation
           When electrons collide with the strongest line in the element Activated charcoal (rubbed) temperature rise. This heat activated infrared radiation (called the near infrared - radiation products of all matter surrounding the people affected by heat) light rays are typically 0.05 mm steps.
          Activated Carbon is for healing, improving health:
          Activated carbon is used in medical treatment: participate in one of the components of such drugs Carbogast stomach pain and intestinal Carbotrim diarrhea due to infections and food poisoning, infection prevention and control in the mask disease, in masks toxic chemicals ....
          Activated carbon used in the shower smooth skin whitening, anti-fatigue, nerve pain relief and pain removal certified body numb. It is due to activated carbon adsorption of contaminants in water while bathing is infrared radiation. This radiation can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous organizations improve blood circulation, blood circulation.
           Product quality is strictly controlled during device activation and auto sales reached advanced automatic, fully meet the requirements of customers.
           Under the influence of water vapor at high temperature, activated carbon is from coconut porous texture, surface area created extremely large in active phase of the hollow structure inside with the nature of the lateral stiffness of the natural grain, ensuring high mechanical strength, low ash, low regeneration cycle losses, increase efficiency during use.
           Activated carbon from coconut is used mainly for adsorption of gases and liquids industries: oil, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical, gold metallurgy, food processing, water purification, gas handling contaminated infection, refined work, separation, odor removal, recovery of precious metals, catalysts, gas mask, cigarette butts ...
          Scope of use of this product is very diverse, is an indispensable material for the processing industry, handling toxic and environmental protection ...
          Granular activated carbon is used  for industry (industrial gas processing, gas purification, air pollution, recovery of organic solvents, gas masks), deodorizing the food industry, chemicals, processed feathers, fish processing, tobacco, refrigerators
           Activated carbon is also used in bleach (powder), industrial bleaching sugar and other liquids.

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