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Coconut water is used instead of serum

The book of Vietnam medicinal plants and herbs (Do Tat Loi, Medical Publishers 1999, pages 919) is written: "Coconut water has diuretic properties, can be used instead of serum as needed."
The book of  Vietnam medicinal herbs dictionary (Vo Van Chi, Medical Publishers, 1997, page 426) also stated: "Coconut water is used as sterile intravenous fluids, treat diarrhea."
In Vietnam, Coconuts are also available everywhere. Coconut water is in the sealed shell to ensure absolute sterility. Coconut water is an isotonic solution consisting mainly of glucose, fructose, very little saccaroza.: 1-2% OZA and polyol (sorbitol). There are also organic acids (malic acid) and a lot of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin C. The content of this nature are less than the rate of coconut water (up to 92-93% and added in French: Lait de coco, Do Tat Loi). It is found in many substances coconut water stimulating the growth of cells in culture using the superior organizational tree. One of the substances that have been identified is diphenyl urea 1-3.
So, in the war, according to the logistics in place, we had an endless resource of coconut water to replace serum and ensure absolute sterility, easy intravenously for wounded soldiers , save their lives, when no blood reserves.


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