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Coconut oil cured many incurable diseases

Coconut oil is one of the traditional medicines used in the daily life and the post treatment of some diseases.
Coconut oil is whether the remedy for many diseases.
In the oriental medicine, coconut oil is combined with some other medicine to skin patches. Today, coconut oil is known as a cheap beauty products for the women. Moreover, recently many users actually said, coconut oil can prevent diseases.
 "Miracle" food for the beauty
According to the research, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid be able to antibacte, antifunge and antivira. Thus coconut oil is very popular in the caring-skin formulas both inside and outside the body. Components of coconut oil will help re-create a youthful skin and limit the appearance of wrinkles. Coconut oil has the ability to hold moisture, increase the resistance of the skin, make the skin more youthful and prevent the effects of free radicals and protect the skin to the max.
Coconut oil is characterized by the deep penetration into the skin, so it can affect every cell structure, increase the links between cells, increase the ability to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
According to Dr. Bruce Fife, the manager of the Coconut Research Center in the U.S., the coconut oil is not only effective renewable vitality to the skin immediately, but it also has the ability to heal and restore skin. Coconut oil also supports the process of removing dead cells and cell aging, making skin smooth and bright. Deep penetrating ability oil help skin health from within by strengthening resilience layer cells of the basal layer.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh An (Thai Thinh, Dong Da District, Hanoi), had more years of pure coconut oil for beauty said: It is hard to believe the effects of coconut oil.  Caring beauty ability of coconut oil is wonderful! Just in a few weeks that her skin was so nice. Her mother and sister also turned her attention to the beauty oil ...
On site, one of the sites with large traffic of people who want to look good from a natural product, there were hundreds of comments after using virgin coconut oil. Most of the effects of coconut oil are significant and the women share their experiences while using in the fact.
As a distributor of the largest coconut oil north, Nguyen Thi Hieu, the head of the market, said the sales of coconut oil is growing. "Many people think that coconut oil is the functional food, even a kind of medicine. I've heard a lot of feedback, as well as sharing of users in a specific disease in remission. The conclusion is not that we have attributed false about coconut oil is not so, "she said Hieu.

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