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New benefits of coconut

Usually,  people are only interested in coconut water with benefits as replacing serum, cooling ... and as a familiar cooking ingredients. However, each component of the coconut have certain effects on human health if we know how to use properly.

Dispel stress
Not just when you eat coconut to receive benefits from it. Hirsch Alna, Neuroscience researcher, Bristol University (UK) has confirmed that the scent of coconut just enough to help your mind relax and calm down. According to his research, exposure to the aroma of coconut will reduce the strain on the muscles in the face 20%, while also limiting stress hormone levels are around 24%. The scent activates the limbic system - the brain region responsible for mood control and memory of you.
How to use: Just apply a little coconut cream flavor or coconut oil on the skin;  light a candle coconut flavor as soon as you feel the tension. Your mood immediately improved.
Infection Control
According to research by scientists at the University of Iceland, a major component in coconut oil is lauric acid (about 50%) can enhance immunity and destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi as they are body exposure to 99%. Coconut oil even helps fight flu, sore throat and respiratory tract infections.
How to use: Just use 3 spoons of coconut oil per day that you have provided enough lauric acid for the body to prevent disease. It also helps the body to reduce the recovery time is approximately 57%.
Energy Recovery
The Japanese researchers have shown that coconut water can increase endurance sports athletes. We can replace fluids and minerals that the body was consumed during exercise. In particular, high potassium levels in the body it also helps women recover energy efficient. This discovery was published in the journal Anthropology and Applied Human Science Physilogical month 6-2011.
How to use: Just add coconut milk instead of water after exercising in the hot weather .
"Heterosexual" of acne
Coconut oil will help control oily skin and acne. That's the conclusion of researchers at the University of Mannheim (Germany). The fatty acids in coconut oil help cure dermatitis, providing just enough skin pH, and kill bacteria that cause acne, especially acne.

How to use: Use a cotton swab and rub coconut oil put directly on the skin of acne or entire face and then wait  for about 15 minutes.
Defeat two "bread"
According to a study published in the journal Lipids (USA,) fatty acids in coconut oil (mainly lauric acid) is rapidly absorbed to produce energy rather than converted to fat accumulation in the abdomen should be useful for dieters.
How to use: Use coconut oil instead of animal fats when cooking.
Good for the gut
According to the British doctor, Joe Graedon, author of "The People's Pharmacy", coconut can support problems stomach as indigestion, diarrhea, handling issues of the IBS so help kill bacteria H. pylori disease.
How to use: Sprinkle shredded coconut or coconut rice in your daily food.

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