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The Use of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is heard but few of people know it's beneficial effects for human health:
Coconut milk contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids nearly 25g (225 calories), but the coconut fatty acids are fatty acids with medium chain have health benefits. Fatty acids in coconut milk is often faster burning fatty acids and energy supply to the liver, adipose cells (fat cells need energy).
Coconut milk has a high oil content. In pure coconut oil contains about 50-55% lauric acid. Fatty acids prevent the effects of microbial activity. As a result, the food is made from coconut oil can be for longer than other foods. Coconut oil stored at normal temperature shelf life of up to 1 year.
Lauric acid in coconut oil is also effective the destruction of sebum in the pores stick, causing pimples, acne on the skin. In addition, lauric acid also stimulates digestion, regulate thyroid activity, help with weight loss. Evidence suggests farmers in Asian countries for livestock feeding coconut if they do not want to gain weight.
Use coconut milk everyday is good for health, but should not take more than 1 cup / day. If at first you do not know or are allergic to coconut milk, you can use a little every day and then gradually increase the amount.

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