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The difference between activated charcoal coconut and usual charcoal coconut

            As you know , coconut activated carbon that features extremely efficient , but without an understanding of the characteristics of the product , the consumer is very easy to buy coconut shell charcoal mistakenly flagged as conventional activated carbon coconut
Such confusion is common for coconut shell charcoal is the raw material for the production of activated coconut charcoal , due to the shape , size two similar types of customers should be difficult to distinguish the difference between two products. Therefore, we write this article so that customers can easily distinguish activated coconut charcoal and coconut shell charcoal but often branded coconut activated carbon .
The criteria and compare characteristics are shown in the following table.






-   Tunnels in the hot oven and place in a dedicated oven grinding and classification of standard sizes,

-   Burning coal taken ( like other types of coal ) or from the by-product of the milling stage as activated carbon;


Even, size 4x8 or 3x6, coconut shell charcoal 8x20, 6x12 or coconut shell charcoal powder

Uneven, there are many different sizes


The porous structure is created in the active phase of the chemicals inside the hollow structure;

Like ordinary charcoal, there’s no porous structure due to undergo activation;


-     Activated carbon coconut deodorant effects, color removal, and toxic substances in air pollution, anti- radiation, anti-virus, bacteria, ... So it can clean the bedroom environment, learning, working, cleaning up the environment kitchen, dining room...

-     Activated carbon coconut has high absorption properties, is used in processing, water purification;

-     Active carbon used to treat the disease, improve health effects brighten eyes, prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, while taking bath smooth skin whitening, anti-fatigue, reduce nerve pain and numbness pains eliminate evidence body, improve blood circulation, blood circulation!

-      Coconut shell charcoal has high heat, longer burn time, no smell , no smoke, no chemical, safe to use for the health of the consumer ;

-     Products are manufactured from dried coconut shells should not destroy the environmental resources ;


-     Use water filtration and removal of dissolved organic matter in water

-     As raw material for the production of masks , gas masks ,

-     As part of stomach pain medications, intestinal infections and diarrhea due to food poisoning;

-     Extraction of mineral bath salts;



-     Use for baking, cooking food, keeping heat.


-   There are many types of packaging used depending on the product value;

-   Often packed in big bags

Hopefully after reading this article that people can understand more about the difference between activated charcoal and coconut charcoal and coconut normally would not have to buy poor quality products .
To ensure proper buy coconut activated carbon products quality , good price , you just contact us . Best Regards and look forward to serving !

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