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Smooth hair as silk thanks to coconut oil

African women usually use coconut oil to moisturize the hair and make styling hair easier, because their hair dry and frizzy capital, knew that coconut oil has miraculous effects how hair.
You can use coconut oil in two ways: as food and exterior maintenance. Both of these approaches work to beautify hair. When used, coconut oil is extracted and pure natural coconut oil to promote optimal nutritional effects.
Dầu dừa
Coconut oil is great for hair because it contains vitamin E (an essential substance which nourishes the skin, hair and nails), capric acid and lauric acid. All these compounds promote the regeneration of protein in the hair follicles, penetrate deep into the hair shaft and strengthen the health of the hair strength. Thus, coconut oil does not just protect the hair, but also nourish and restore elasticity, shiny of hair damage. If you need to treat itchy scalp and remove dandruff, coconut oil can be a great solution by anti-fungal properties for the skin and body.
When shampooing, you can give a few drops of coconut oil in shampoo, can be applied in addition to the hair before shampooing as a mask replenishes the hair, then rinse normal but skip using conditioner. Use coconut oil three times a week to massage your scalp and hair from root to ngon.Truoc when you buy coconut oil for hair use, make sure the label that the product is 100% natural coconut oil with at least 40% content of lauric acid and coconut oils should buy be stored in glass jars.
Coconut oil also leaves a wonderful sweet fragrance, for countless reasons like, coconut oil is considered an excellent natural remedy for hair care.


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