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Unti- aging skin with Collagen mask

Collagen mask is considered mask therapy quickly and effectively to prevent aging and regain your skin looks bright. So you know about this product? Today we will look okay!
Collagen is one of the most important components of technology formulated from natural cosmetics. Striking features is easy to adapt to many types of skin and is suitable to the needs of the user, have the effect of preventing and anti-aging skin.
The origin of collagen extracted from the skin of the animal, is refined and tested by the French scientists, in conjunction with some other natural ingredients through biological chemical technology has brought about unexpected results in skin care.
Collagen increases skin elasticity, texture cells restore aging skin, improve skin respiration of the skin with enough oxygen, preventing the formation of wrinkles, skin fresh light, smooth, youthful beauty maintenance skin.
Fresh frozen collagen mask in a vacuum environment, combined with RF technology, technological superiority wrinkles Vietnam is top choice of skin degradation, wrinkled, lumpy and sagging. A treatment process usually takes place in about 70-80 minutes, once a week on average, the effect will be visible after the first treatment.
For normal skin, or those who are young, collagen mask will be combined with the basic skin care, therapeutic massage combined with steam to stimulate the circulatory system, enhance coral of skin absorption. Before the mask, the skin should be cleaned from deep within, so, so the nutrients will be absorbed thoroughly and promote good features, the skin will stretch the ball, and bright pink .


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