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Massage to waist down with coconut oil

Coconut oil contains saturated fat. Lipid is supplemented in the diet from coconut oil really to reduce abdominal fat. One or two tablespoons of coconut oil will help you lose weight fast.


What are benefits of coconut oil ?

Coconut oil has been proven to be able to lose weight because, like all other fats, coconut oil increases satiety, makes you have no appetite or need a snack. If the fat after the food will be stored in the body and caused you to gain weight quickly, using coconut oil will help drain the excess fat by glycerides.
Coconut oil helps to increase the metabolism, burn fat very efficiently. Moreover using coconut oil in the
tired, sick time helps increase the body's resistance, smooth skin and more cheerful.
he best way to use coconut oil for weight loss is to use in meals. Coconut oil is very useful to get natural weight loss process.


How to use coconut oil

To lose weight with coconut oil, you should first be familiar with the coconut oil slowly. First, use only 2 tablespoons per day, then increase to 4 tablespoons, this does not just help you lose weight but also help enhance health.
The cooked oil is used for frying, you should also replace with coconut oil. This not only helps make the food taste, but also very safe for health. Even if you like baking, or pastry can also replace the oil and butter with coconut oil.
How do coconut oil? You buy coconut available in the market, the clear filtered water and cook up a had a bottle of coconut oil. The following guide will make virgin coconut oil more specific:

Ingredients: 1 kg grated coconut, 2 cups water (400ml).



Preserve coconut oil

When coconut oil is cool, you give it to a bottle or jar and close the lid carefully for using in the 6 months to 1 year.
If a refrigerator, you can leave the coconut oil in cooler compartment will be preserved longer. Below 240C frozen coconut oil as wax, but the quality is not reduced.


Homemade coconut oil is the most economic and secure so you can also buy in many places but select prestigious address.

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