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Care the beauty by using coconut oil

Coconut Oil not only helps long eyelashes is also an excellent food for your skin.

1. Help eyelashes be long and thick 

Use coconut oil swab and dip it into the way you brush eyelashes by mascara, stroke from the base to the top eyelashes. Make every night before going to bed is the best to wash normally your face. Women with short and thin eyelashes can be done this way, within 10-15 days will be effective.

2. Treatment cracked skin pregnants

Coconut oil has a lot of useful with pregnants or nursing mothers.  Use coconut oil for 4-5 month pregnants and apply daily every evening after bathing, rub the belly skin.

Taking a small spoonful of coconut oil is very good for mothers' milk. If you have cracked skin, coconut oil can be used to limit and fade stretch marks.
3. Smooth skin
Apply a thin layer of coconut oil and massage gently over 5 minutes. Rinsing with warm water helps the skin clean and very smooth. A little coconut oil acts as a skin coat layer protects the skin from bacteria and enhance the health of the skin, bring thefreshness to the skin.
4. Bathing, relaxing
Coconut oil is considered as a kind of body lotion effectively. It can provide the moisture to the skin all over, help the skin not dry, smooth and quite bright up. Women can be mixed milk bath with coconut oil to shower, smooth skin, silky smooth.
Place a few drops of coconut oil into the bath water will also make skin as desired, especially in winter, when the weather is dry.
5. Silky hair and dandruff
Soaking bottle in hot coconut oil, then get a few drops of coconut oil on the palms and scalp massage. This method not only helps hair more smooth, shiny, but also can kill dandruff and provides captivating aroma.
obliterate coconut oil to your hair before relaxing in three minutes, then wash off with shampoo. Hair absorbs the precious essences from coconut oil easily, after only a short time, you will be surprised by the healthy shiny hair, no split ends.
6. Balm
Coconut oil can also be used to moisturize lips, parched lips, helps lips glossier, juicy and sexy. Apply a layer of coconut oil on the lips after the lipstick bars to have the same effect as when using lip gloss.
7. Cảing healthy nails
Massage your hands and nails with a bit of coconut oil before bed and towel pat hand, these simple measures will help hands feeling soft, bright and perfect balance.
8. Cleansing
Coconut oil can remove makeup effectively by applying to the face and massage in circular motions. Then you rinse it off with warm water, use coconut oil instead of removing water that contains alcohol with bad effects on the skin.
9. Exfoliation
Mix 1 spoon of brown sugar, three spoons of coconut oil into the mixture to massage the entire body.
This is the best method of exfoliation for face and body.
10. Bleaching dry lumpy skin
With the skin such as knees, elbows, just apply coconut oil then massage with a few pieces of orange peel. Use cold water to rinse. Perform 1 times / week.
11. Removing corns
Use a pumice stone to remove the skin before going to bed, then apply coconut oil on feet and keep socks for the night. It is also very useful for women who often peeling or cracked heels.

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