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Beauty tips skin from fresh coconut water

Beauty tips skin from fresh coconut water

Coconut water is the beverage familiar dishes , many women are preferred , especially in hot weather these days . However, not only is a juice bar cooler , sweeter , more nutritious , you know coconut water is a natural cosmetics there are many uses for the beauty of women .

Here are some beauty tips from coconut water , try okay today .

Not only refreshments , coconut water is a natural cosmetics can beautify a lot of use .

Not only refreshments , coconut water is a natural cosmetics can beautify a lot of use .

Lighten Skin

Coconut water has a great advantage in making beautiful clear skin , acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin . Coconut water helps reduce the oil , clean the skin , suitable for oily skin . However, if your skin is dry , coconut water also helps skin moist and softer . You can rub the skin gently with coconut milk to supply water to the skin immediately . For bright and radiant skin quickly , you wash your face with coconut water every day helps smooth skin , toned .

Maybe add a few drops of lemon juice in a small coconut water and apply on the face . For 5 minutes , and rinse with water . This mask helps moisturize your skin , clean and bright .

Acne coconut water

Apply coconut water on the skin as a mask can treat blackheads , acne . If you do not have time , you can wash your face with coconut water . Which can be combined coconut milk with other ingredients such as lemon juice , pineapple , kiwi ... to wash your face . Using coconut water not only cleanse the skin but also helps skin toned , deep scar reduction .

In addition to the coconut water applied directly to the acne , you can mix the coconut milk with turmeric powder and soak for about 3 days in the refrigerator and apply to your face , then wash your face with warm water . This mask can help treat acne and acne scars .

Acne coconut water

Hair Beauty

Massage hair with coconut water every day can improve the condition of dry and frizzy hair . Coconut water also helps your hair soft and shiny . With powerful moisturizer , coconut water will penetrate the hair roots , helps hair stay healthy . Coconut water also has antibacterial properties and antifungal , prevents itching scalp , prevent dandruff and other inflammatory diseases .

Moisturizing mask

Soak a clean cotton ball in coconut milk , then rub all sides have been washed, so within 30 minutes . Make each day will help your skin radiant .

Mineral Spray coconut

You give fresh coconut water into a spray bottle , store in the fridge cooling compartment . After shampooing , you can use coconut water as a spray on hair moisturizer to help hair sticky , soft and shiny . It can be sprayed onto the skin helps to provide water for hot days , cooling the body , cooling the skin , prevent dry skin wrinkles , dehydration .

Also, you can drink coconut water 3 times a week will help you have beautiful skin naturally . Combine coconut water in the treatment of acne, blackheads will bring good results .

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