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Ben Tre coconut jelly - Sweet and cool

Conatfood coconut jelly is the brand of Delta Vietnam Company. It is produced from Xiem coconuts in Ben Tre on the modern technology, imported from the United States, and applied the strict quality management system of ISO 22000 - 2005 and HACCP  in the whole production process.

       The package / cups of coconut jelly with characteristic aroma and refreshing sweetness is found in Ben Tre.  Coconut jelly
not only has the addition of energy to the body with rich vitamin and amino acids that also works to smooth skin, purify the body and lose weight effectively. Products are packaged in bags or cups. So, it should be used for drinking directly, used in soft drinks, snacks and dessert (tea, cakes ...).

Delta Vietnam Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying coconut jelly products such as dried pressed coconut jelly, diced dried coconut jelly, pressed coconut jelly and dry laminated coconut jelly  sheet. Products are packaged in bags or cups, easy to use and is very favorite food of the children.


Please contact us for characteristic flavor product owner  of Ben Tre and it is a meaningful gift for your friends.

Contact us:


Address: 178A, lane 1, Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi

Hotline: 097.696.8950 / 090.212.9778

Website: &

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