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Guide to coconut cream jelly

The following article will guide you how to make delicious coconut cream jelly for summer days.


                                                    Delicious and nutritious coconut cream jelly 


- Mix the powdered sugar with agar. Use water to dissolve jelly powder and mixture sugar.
- Boil the jelly mixture - with the sticky leaves.
- When the mixture is boiling agar agar take 100ml water soluble purple bowl, pour in 1 tray so that the thin layer of about 0.3cm, cool fossils will curdle.
- The remaining fossil continues to boil on the stove and coconut milk, stir until boiling, then turn off the stove.
- Pour the coconut mixture into jelly molds, let cool and place in cool refrigerator for about 2 hours.
- Use a cutting die to cut words and pictures from the decorative purple jelly.
- Gently turning the coconut jelly molds to a flat tray, taken from letters and decorative plaster molding purple jelly is placed on the surface finish.
Wish you success!

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