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Meat with coconut - Charming, delicious

After a long time I was eating coconut meat made ​​by my mother. It brought a taste of something extremely familiar, loving until now I'm still feeling it.
In the last time, coconut meat is rustic but luxurious dish that everyone in my family loves. in the coconut season, a lot of people go to change coconut. 1.2 to 1.5 kg of rice changes a big coconut. Not only you can  drink water, but you can also use the copra coconut to eat, cook with meat for the meager meals of vegetables.
Bacon is cut into slices, marinated with seasoning salt, spices. Then clean coconut, move black shell and cut into 2 long pieces to own knuckles.
thịt kho dừa
Perhaps the secret to the appeal of coconut meat is color water. In free days, my mother often gets white sugar for cooking and add water to boil. the water has extract-brown color, sweet, fragrant aroma but little bitterness, called the color - water and put into glass bottles for storage to cook meat.
For a spoonful of sugar into the pan to the heat flow, the water is slightly discolored and she gave a little coconut oil to coconut infused into the island. When the coconut pieces and brown, then pour meat marinated in spices stir the cooked meat. Simmer and stir for no more than the fire, and the venison.
Before completing, spicy mother to watch was not just the taste, aroma to meat than she can make a little more sauce, then boil until the water is shallow pan north can coconut meat out and touched the plate .
Eat coconut meat with white rice stock, hot food is delicious. Each piece of coconut dust mops, juicy meat with the sweetness of sugar, aroma and bitter-tasting water will make every meal more delicious, bold as love of the mother for the child.


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