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Jackfruit coconut milk congee - Delicious attractive

Flavor and crunchy jack is combined with  colorful pearl and coconut milk that makes delicious attractive jackfruit coconut milk congee. You are very happy with this achievement!


- 200g peeled jackfruit 

- Quartz powder
- Powder power, coconut, beetroot or pineapple leaf to makr  the color
- 200ml milk, 30ml coconut cream, sweet milk
How to do:
Step 1:
Tear jack into small pieces
nước dừa
Step 2:
Beetroot is pureed with water, filtered and boiled pulp.
nước dừa
Use  boiled water of beetroot,  mixed with tapioca pearls, then you keep the water little by little, may initially feel a little dry but hydrated flour and just enough water will not be flabby.
nước dừa
Step 3:
Squeezing into the pearl balls. You can do with raisins or copra arbitrary!
nước dừa
Let the pot, boil pearl emerge until the fish out of cold water bowls.
nước dừa
Step 4:
Jelly is cooked as direction on the package and then move into small cubes.
nước dừa
Mix milk, coconut milk andsweet milk until a satisfactory sweetness.
nước dừa

Now you just need to arrange all of them and added little to the grindstone and finished dishes!

nước dừa

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