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How to make rice cakes with desiccated coconut


How to make rice cakes with desiccated coconut

Do you have to be tasted delicious coconut sticky rice cake rolled like this before?

Surely everyone will love love roller sticky coconut rice cakes for that view ...


- Sticky powder: 120gr
- Sugar: 70gr
- Fresh coconut (or dried coconut meat): 50g
- Red beans: 50 grams
- Water: 50ml
- Cooking oil: ½ teaspoon dinner



Step 1: red beans soaked warm about 3-4 hours to hatch stretch. Place the tofu in a pot, pour water security until ripe beans. Place the tofu pieces into the mortar (if you want finer puree the beans in a blender to puree).

Step 2: Fresh coconut peel off the brown skin, fibroblasts and hash it provides little or facilities used for drying copra

Step 3: Knead sticky rice flour with water and puree 40gr sugar until smooth and not sticky. Use hands to cultivate the next dough into rectangles and press the dough out thin. Then the instruments were lying steamed vegetable oil to prevent sticking and place the cooked dough.

Step 4: pound red beans, bring sugar and mix well with oil 30gr. For slugs beans on the stove at low heat until the beans become dry.

Step 5: Sprinkle a little shredded coconut to stick out trays, to the steamed glutinous dough onto coconut. Exposure to red beans are spread over 3/4 of the cake.

Step 6: Use the hand wheel to roll. Then sprinkle the shredded coconut to a plate and then rolled over to coconut coconut bread stick evenly.

Using a knife cut the bread into small pieces of bread. Then roll the sticky coconut cake and enjoy the drive offline.

Wishing you roll delicious with rice cakes of desiccated coconut!

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