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Tea and coconut milk biscuits!

Coconut milk powder which has absolute advantages when used as biscuits , cookies or taste - the cake originating from Europe is very popular in Vietnam . Let's try to Conatfood kitchen with coconut milk powder and homemade delicious cakes made ​​from coconut milk snack okay the first day of winter ! Today will be the menu item " green tea biscuits " delicious but extremely good for body contouring okay !
Raw materials include:
- Butter light : 150gr
- Finely ground sugar : 150gr - 200gr ( depending on your tastes add up )
- Wheat flour : 200g
- Tea Powder : 20gr
- 1 egg
- 1/3 tablespoon baking powder
- Coconut milk powder conatfood : 20 gr
- Vanilla ( may or not )
- ½ teaspoon salt
Along with Conatfood in any kitchen !
Step 1 :
- Preheat oven to temperature of 180 degrees C.
- For stainless steel butter and sugar into a bowl then mix well ;
- Next to the flour, salt , baking powder and mix well by hand;
Step 2 :
- Whip the butter and sugar mixture ( h1 ) until all butter yellow switch ( h2 ) .
- The eggs slowly into , beaten ( H3 ) that is smooth and homogeneous mixture ( H4 )
Step 3:
- Ray green tea powder into a bowl mix butter eggs ( H5 ) , coconut milk powder and 50 ml water and beat with electric mixer to low speed to mix all shellfish .
Step 4 : Modeling
If you have a 1 " press cookies " may create the cake shape as extremely professional on ( much like the bread of the true maker ^ ^ ). Just follow the directions on the tube and manual .
The price of a cookies press China with about 20 different items is about 150 thousand can be used as well . If anyone is fanatic cookies, you can shop about for continuous baking beautiful and delicious offline!
Without the cookies, you can press the baking pan with pastry as usual. How to create an image for the beautiful cake as follows :
Pack the powder was kneaded in a plastic cleaner , cooler compartment in the refrigerator for about 30-60 minutes , when the mixture hardens a little flour on the rolling pulled out thin, about the thickness of 3 - 5mm .
- Then use the molds with different shapes to cut into pie -shaped as desired .
- Also, if there is no mold, then you can use your mouth to create the cup cake round, or use a knife to cut into squares , trimmed flower (like carrots trimmed ^ ^) simple but still very nice okay.
Step 5 : After shaping, put the bread on a baking tray lined paper and bring to grill available.
The end result is the green tea cake taste mouth fragrant coconut milk fat but cholestorol not worry , you can just snack all day nutritional advantage from the coconut milk , but you can also take advantage of collagen in green tea to reduce wrinkles and eat more balanced and still offline!
I wish everyone success in this beautiful dish!

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