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Coconut cream - Cuisine

How to make delicious coconut jelly fruit cool summer lethargy
The hot summer's day is coming , the sisters refer to the article on how to make coconut jelly fresh fruit lim cool for your loved ones okay . Delicious coconut fruit jelly The main ingredients : - 20g lotus seeds - 30g brown sugar - 2 tangerines - 30g coconut jelly cona..
Attachment to Ben Tre coconut candy
Going out West can not ignore Ben Tre coconut, where only even think about that soothe the soul and more tolerance. Indeed, the nature imbued in western behavior by saying people do we love this land too. More and more entangles was the reception of Ben Tre specialty crops associated with sp..
Baking tasty biscuits with desiccated coconut
It would be great in the cool autumn air, you sip some coconut biscuits with desiccated coconut and a cup of hot tea, especially enjoy in the relaxing afternoon. Baking Baking tasty biscuits with desiccated coconut is not difficult, try funding! Ingredients: - 100gr flour - 100gr butte..
Ben Tre coconut jelly - Sweet and cool
Conatfood coconut jelly is the brand of Delta Vietnam Company. It is produced from Xiem coconuts in Ben Tre on the modern technology, imported from the United States, and applied the strict quality management system of ISO 22000 - 2005 and HACCP  in the whole production process.  &..
Chicken and coconut cream!
Ingredient:     - 400g chicken meat, cut small piece. - 10g corn powder; - 300ml conatfood coconut cream; - the other spices: pepper, galic, a small curry pack, basil, ginger, green onion hành lá and an onion. Let's start..
Chicken stewing with coconut cream
Ingredients:        4 tablespoons of olive oil      1kg chicken breasts without boneless, skin, snake fat and cut into bite size pieces      1/4 teaspoon of salt       Pepper     &n..
Delicious with coconut cream
Ingredients:   - 100g pork skin - 100g meat - 2 tablespoons rice flour - 300g glutinous flour  - 300g rice flour  - 1 package of coconut milk - 50g herbs - 1 cucumber  - 2 tablespoons flour  - County seasoning, cooking oil...
Eggplant cooked with coconut milk
Ingredients: 3 medium eggplants, 1 cup coconut water (also use cans of unsweetened coconut milk); 1 bowl the flour, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon soy sauce , 2 dried mushrooms, 1 garlic, shallots, 1 onion, cooking oil. Implementation: Wash eggplants, cut and ..
Funding housewife with coconut cream
A little twist to the dish will help us avoid feeling bored, feeling more excited with every meal. Coconut milk is a secret to help you do that. Please come to Delta in funding from the kitchen and the dishes closest offline! 1. Coconut sticky Rice Sticky Rice - 1 simple dish for a long p..
Guide to coconut cream jelly
The following article will guide you how to make delicious coconut cream jelly for summer days.                                                     Delicious ..
Guide to make coconut cream
Coconut cream is aromatic, fat, and is an indispensable component for the porridges.   Materials:               - Coconut ( white pulps ) - A few pandan (aka sticky leaves) Step 1: Cut carefully the brown shel..
How to make coconut flour & coconut milk using desiccated coconut
A couple of weekends ago I had the most fun you could possibly have with 2 cups of desiccated coconut. First I made milk with it. Then I dried the left over pulp and whizzed it into flour. Next, I made some choc paleo muffins using the coconut flour. And, finally, I turned the coconut mil..
How to make rice cakes with desiccated coconut
  How to make rice cakes with desiccated coconut Do you have to be tasted delicious coconut sticky rice cake rolled like this before? Surely everyone will love love roller sticky coconut rice cakes for that view ... Ingredients: - Sticky powder: 120gr - Sugar: 70gr ..
Jackfruit coconut milk congee - Delicious attractive
Flavor and crunchy jack is combined with  colorful pearl and coconut milk that makes delicious attractive jackfruit coconut milk congee. You are very happy with this achievement! Ingredients: - 200g peeled jackfruit  - Quartz powder   - Powder power, coconut, be..
Making coconut color water from coconut cream-Reaching for the creative dishes
In Vietnam cuisine, the dishes of meat, fish ... commonly across the three regions, often are used in the meal. Referring to the South of the repository item can not mention to coconut water color ​​from coconut cream. Coconut Water color is a special preparation, is made ​​from coconut cream..
Meat with coconut - Charming, delicious
After a long time I was eating coconut meat made ​​by my mother. It brought a taste of something extremely familiar, loving until now I'm still feeling it. In the last time, coconut meat is rustic but luxurious dish that everyone in my family loves. in the coconut season, a lot of people..
Pumpkin - coconut cream congee
Pumpkin is good for the eyes, but sometimes you eat soupl that is bored. Today you and I do together new dishes with pumpkin, that is pumpkin congee with coconut cream. Ingredients:   Pumpkin : 200g Dry glutinous flour: 400g Desiccated coconut: 300g Van..
So delicious with corn and coconut cream!
Corn and coconut cream tea is an delicious eating and healthiness. Let's learn how to make an  Hãy cùng tìm hiểu cách làm món chè ngô nước cốt dừa sao cho thơm ngon nha <3 Thành phần gồm: - 3 hoặc 4 bắp ngô bánh tẻ (bạn có thể dùng ngô nếp hoặc ngô tẻ tuỳ thích), 1 thìa ..
Steamed coconut rice
Steamed rice with coconut milk (coconut rice) is delicious rustic dishes that Ben Tre people often cook to invite guests. How to make coconut rice in Ben Tre is not different from Lam rice in the Northwest. Lam rice is cooked in bamboo tubes, burned directly on the fire, eating charred chop o..
Tea and coconut milk biscuits!
Coconut milk powder which has absolute advantages when used as biscuits , cookies or taste - the cake originating from Europe is very popular in Vietnam . Let's try to Conatfood kitchen with coconut milk powder and homemade delicious cakes made ​​from coconut milk snack okay the first day of wint..
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