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Invite Distributor - Agent

         The first commercial joint-stock company & product Delta Vietnam would like to thank our customers, partners trust and use the products and services of our company in the past. On behalf of the company I would like to send to customers, partners greetings and wishes for success!

With the initial idea is to create products for free with the motto My family. So far Delta Vietnam did not stop growing and become one of the companies operating multi-sector, multi-field primary key is: Processing of agricultural products, mechanical and electronic commerce. In the trend of integration and strong growth of the economy, Delta is always the best and look forward to expanding cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. We take the motto of always trying and development efforts to meet every customers needs. Delta Vietnam will become a trusted partner and friend of all customers with the fastest service, the best quality.
Sincerely thank the attention of customers, partners for the company and look forward to more cooperation you.
This time due to the need to expand distribution network, we welcome customers wishing to make official distributors or agents sell the companys products with the following contents:
General development policies Distributors - Agent:
- Build long-term partner relationships based on the commitment to cooperation and shared goals.
- On the basis of win-win cooperation, for the benefit of the two parties.
- Regular information sharing and timely support.
- Policy support fair and reasonable in all distribution channels.
- Commitment to agent maximum protection for you before the changes of the market and competition.
Conditions to be selected as the Distributors - Agent:
- Experience in the distribution or trading of food.
- There is a certain understanding of the food industry.
- Financial capability and capacity sales.
- The legal status of the company clearly.
- Signing the contract for at least three years.
Content Collaboration:
Delta Vietnam parties agree to the exclusive distribution partner of genuine products of the company on a table and in a certain period of time with the following conditions:
- Only single distribution Delta Vietnam products with brand conatfood.
- To be responsible for a certain level of sales.
- Regularly updated information from a specified employee or through the companys official website.
- Transactions with customers in accordance with companys listing price.
- To strictly the form of discounts, rebates, promotions or programs companies offer to customers.
Discount policy:
- Remuneration is X%, depending on the specific product.
- Cost of discount will be deducted directly to the value of orders or payment by bank transfer on the 10th of every month upon successful transaction (except weekends and holidays).


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