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Coconut activated carbon

Coconut activated carbon
Brand: Delta Việt Nam
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Activated carbon is a material composed mainly of amorphous carbon in the form of elements, features, special effects are diverse and, more porous structure, extremely large surface area created in the active phase of the hollow structure inside. Under an electron microscope, an activated carbon particles look like nests; total surface area of ​​0.5 kg of activated carbon (mass units from 1,000 to 2,500 m2 / g) is larger than a golf football. Therefore, the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon is very strong and good storage for gas, liquid and other organic molecules.
           In addition, the nature of the natural grain hardness inside, ensuring high mechanical strength, low ash content, less regeneration cycle losses, increase efficiency during use.
           Activated carbon stock company North Tea is produced from coconut charcoal granules, by physical methods, superheated steam activation from 850oC to 950 oC.
           Product quality is controlled strictly in the activation process of automatic and semi-automatic equipment achieve the advanced level, fully meet the requirements of customers.
           Coconut activated carbon adsorption is used mainly for gases and liquids in various industries: Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, gold metallurgy, food processing, water purification, gas handling contaminated refined ... effects, segregation, reducing odor, the recovery of precious metals, catalysts, gas mask, cigarette filter ...
            Use of the product range is very diverse, is an indispensable material for the processing industry, handling toxic and environmental protection ...


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